More than just open and closed

If you think zippers are exclusively for opening and closing, you will also think that you tie together your pants with a belt. But it is never just about function, but rather about fashion and attractiveness: the right colour for the fabric, a pretty fashionable zipper in the shape of a heart or crown and a lucky dog or a football for the little ones. And above all: Fun with the details. With the right offer, you open up to your customers all kinds of design freedom and desire for a custom touch.

Of course VENO also meets the requirements of functional quality and discreet simplicity. Just as customers expect from their speciality dealer.

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P60 Zipper With Werra Handle, Silver

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S40 Reel Incl.30 Reared Fulda Zippers

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P60 Zipper With Werra Handle, Colored

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S40 Zipper Fulda, Colored, Nickel Free

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S40 Zipper With Handle Drop Colored

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S40 Linen Slide, Silver Nickel Free

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