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Crocheting, knitting, embroidering...without yarn and wool it all just remains an idea and plan. The myBoshi wool has developed a  real cult status. Rarely have so many grandmothers experienced such a rapid turnover for crocheted caps (much to the delight of speciality retailers!). Other wool qualities also have their fans. Especially if you offer them in a set with figure pompons à la football, penguin or giraffe.

In addition, VENO is known for an exceptional selection of yarn that does not need to shy away from comparison with other wholesalers. Numerous versions and a colour pallet that ranges from classic to crazy: Here you can fine embroidery and bead yarn, embroidery threads, glitter crochet yarns and everything that can be skilfully combined into a whole product.

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VENO Garn & Wolle

We do not pile up - we just sort things well. As a specialist store, you will ensure the right variety of yarns, & and wool in different quantities, strengths, lengths and colours. The best thing would be to order straight away in our online shop:

SMC Regia Virtuoso Color 150g

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Anchor Cotton n Wool 50g

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SMC Spotlight on color 5x100g

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SMC Just Big 5x100g

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Smartbox SENSA GREEN 40

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Regia 6-Thread Tweed 150G

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Regia 4-Ply Color 100G

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MERINO YAK Color 100 g 4-ply

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Puppets Lyric Multicolor 8 50g

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