Scissors & Cutting tools

Sharp things as indispensable helpers

The hobbyist may still want to combine a lot of things: His or her work cannot thrive without the separating effect of scissors and other cutting tools. Perfect craftsmanship is by no means a result of creativity and practice, but rather always a question of the right tool. And this tool should have special characteristics depending on the application. After all, it makes a difference whether the customer is cutting a thread, accurately trimming fabric or needs a serrated cut. The speciality retailer should also have a suitable answer in stock to the question of left-handed or right-handed people.

VENO has put together a comprehensive offering of scissors and cutting aids. Seam rippers, cutting mats, spool cutters together with spare blades of course cannot be missed.

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Measuring & Marking tools

That fits!

Nothing against Pi times thumbs and visual judgement. But when things need to be accurate, special tools are always preferable. The lapel at a right angle and one buttonhole just as big as the other. This is not asking too much. A triangular slide gauge ensures that square quilt elements are also truly at a right angle. In addition, a stencil does not cause a handicraft miracle. But at least it does not make quilling flowers look like herbs and turnips. And if there is something to mark on the fabric, then please, do not grab a pencil, but rather special tailor's chalk. Motivated customers also rely on the advice of their specialist dealers here.

Do not forget: Your customers want to create fashion. There was never any talk of crooked and awry.

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Patchwork & quilting

Between relaxation and passion

For some people, useful blankets and decorative wall hangings are created in patchworking and quilting, for others it is something like the centre of the world. Accordingly, the basic mood of patchworkers and quilters is somewhere between welcome relaxation and an ardent passion. However, all quilters and patchworkers agree on one thing: There's no success without professional accessories. That is where the specialist retailer comes into play.

With VENO, you equip your customer for this fascinating and sales-promoting hobby. VENO provides the specialist retail with pieces of cloth, needles and all kinds of accessories. The product range is aimed both at the convinced users of sewing and embroidery machines, as well as at pure handicrafters.

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