Repair sheets & Patches

What does broken mean?

A rip, a stain, a supposed flaw: This is the field of activity for well-versed hobbyists with an eye for practical beauty. A hole in your jeans becomes a joyous event, because your creativity can run riot. Or patches. They are also used without previous mishap, because their justification for existence is: I like that. I want to have that.

VENO has put together a variety of products for speciality trade that deserves the title of "complete". It's all there: whether for ironing or sewing on, whether colourful or unobtrusively discreet, whether suede, leather, cord or any other material. And everything in the right size.

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Shoulder Pads, Lingerie & Corsetry accessories


What make-up is to the face, shoulder pads, lingerie and bodice are for the rest of the body: you do not change the truth, but you paint it a little bit and make it more attractive and, of course more seductive! A look at the VENO product range reveals that this is not just about self-creation. This also includes tools for repair and adjustment of the bodice, corselet, etc., as well as small inconspicuous helpers à la transparent bra straps or bracelets to protect against sweat spots.

VENO completes fashion: With our support, speciality dealers grant enough space on their shelves to the supposed little things too. Nothing can be missing.

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Sewing baskets and their relatives

You can put your sewing things in it: the sewing basket. As a matter of fact, it is known far more than just a refuse for yarns and utensils. This is where the cover becomes an eye-catcher and an expression of your own style. By choosing a certain model, your customers are revealing a lot about their creative character. There are worlds to choose from between the cute polka dots, the snappy witches and the different versions of haute couture. Of course the wooden classics and mobile cases must be included in the specialist dealer's offering of sewing baskets.

VENO offers you many different items under the keyword of 'storage'. These include pencil cases and cases for knitting needles as well as storage boxes.

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Practical accessories & Care items

Helps, benefits, protects

From the water-soluble basting thread to laundry bags to sock suspenders: VENO thinks of the indispensable helpers that belong in every speciality store. Whether bed sheet tensioners, antistatic balls or LED folding lamps: Make sure that nothing is missing on your shelves. That's how you make surprised customers ("that's practical") into spontaneous buyers ("I'll take it").

Finger protectors, stuffing tool, lint shavers, cutting pads and so much more. There is so much that simplifies manual work and at the same time enhances the joy of it. Whatever the customer can expect in a speciality store: VENO has it in stock.

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