Pins & Needles

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You do not need to find the right needles in the haystack for your customers. As a VENO partner, you have access to one of the largest product ranges available. Needles are like chocolate: There are cheap alternatives around the world, but also the proven brand quality. VENO relies on the category of "tried and true" and also offers you a high quality and varied selection. This includes pins with glass, plastic or pearl heads, machine needles as well as blind needles with threading aids and much more.

In addition, VENO supplements your specialist retail product range with useful extras such as needle holders, organisers for machine and sewing needles or SOS ropes for marking and securing stitch courses.

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Action Steel Headed Pins 20G

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Action Glass Headed Pins 10G

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Punch Needle

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Prym Love embroidery needles Ass.

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130/705 DE VCS K 20
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130/705 H SU VCS K20 80
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