Fasteners and Garment Accessories

With hooks and eyelets

From a simple push button to a functional overalls clip: If something needs to be closed, specialist dealers opens up a cornucopia of possibilities to their customers. The transition to accessories is fluid. Note the hip fashion zipper for the zipper or the adorable beautiful passement end. The overall impression is completed by accessories such as keychain pendants, sewed-on crystals, decorative satin roses and much more. Or sell a bead weaving to an enthusiastic customer – as a gift for nimble-fingered friend or as a supplement to your own equipment.

Whatever is required for clothing fasteners and accessories: VENO offers you a constantly updated selection for every purpose and taste.

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A closing matter with a long history

Old-fashioned button or 'new-fashioned' zipper? Many sewers consider the delicate zipper to be a natural enemy of the sometimes rustic button. But both concepts co-exist harmoniously in speciality shops. Buttons have been known of since the time when the pyramids were built in Egypt. However, they were initially regarded more as an adornment than functional parts. Since the Middle Ages, the button maker was a respected profession, which was done away with in Germany a good 50 years ago. Nevertheless, the demand for buttons has always been high, which every speciality retailer can confirm.

VENO presents you with the whole wealth of the button culture: Hundreds of versions that either hold together what belongs together or are based on the ancient tradition of ornamentation.

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Bag handles

There to grab

Grips are always at hand in a well-stocked speciality trade offer. Because sewing tote bags is so in! If you enter the keyword into the Pinterest search engine, you will be greeted by imaginative tips and suggestions. It is unbelievable what ideas creative minds can come up with. But it is more than just social media that deals with the topic. Instructions for sewing tote bags also have their firm place in the VENO book assortment.

You will find a huge selection of tote bag handles in the VENO shop - material, colours and shapes of all kinds. Due to our forward-looking stock-keeping, all the designs are always close at hand and available to your customers.

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