Embroidered motifs

A great way to attract attention

They are supplementary embellishments for the dictionary – for your customers they are enchanting nuances: applications. The fashion designer sends a personal signal when charm and individuality are combined. A small symbol of love on children's jackets or aesthetic anthems on an evening dress. A playful accent, a pointed highlight. Sometimes a powerful exclamation mark, sometimes a tender touch. But always something very unique.

VENO has a feel for applications that the end customer wants. It's a good thing when a specialised shop always has the right product range and also has the VENO app to show their customers everything: Sequins and pirates, stars and rhinestones, this and that.

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The newest motifs for the creativity

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Motifs are no longer gap fillers...

By means of upcycling with applications, you  can  really benefit and you are all the rage with "90's Patches Revival"!

Mega is staking a claim for patches on jeans, jackets, trousers and other garments. The cool thing is - you don’t have to budget for this trend. With some guile, an iron, and the right motive, you can stretch your creativity  to the max, and create individual works of art. Dusty clothes from the corner are given a new lease of life. So pop into the specialist shop and choose some matching applications.