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Most people first think of PONY as excellent craft needles. However, the traditional company also transfers its good image with emphasis on hard haberdashery such as pins and safety pins, snaps as well as sewing and knitting needles.

About the company

The headquarters and production facilities of Needle Industries (India) Private Limited are located in the 2200 metre high Nilgiri Mountains in southern India.

Founded in 1949 as a subsidiary of a major British manufacturer of hand sewing needles, knitting needles and haberdashery, the company initially produced simple gramophone needles.

Over the years, the product range has been extended and hand sewing needles, knitting needles, snaps, hooks and eyelets, as well as a variety of pins and safety pins of any type have been incorporated into the production and represent today the majority of the product range.

During the sixties and seventies, the ownership of the company was gradually transferred to Indian owners. With the change of ownership, the company's own brand PONY was launched, which today is distributed on all continents with an export share of 70% of the total turnover. The worldwide success is the result of a dedicated management team, especially in the areas of quality and customer service. Highly trained technicians support the management in the continuous further development of production methods in order to promote efficiency in production and consistency in quality.

Promise of quality

All products are of high quality and require a high degree of specialisation in the manufacturing process. For very special work processes, special machines are applied which were specially developed and manufactured for that purpose.

Quality is ensured at every stage of production by a system of controls and inspections. Each product is subject to strict standards and is tested for suitability and usability before being shipped. All quality controls are fully documented and regularly checked.


SA 8000 is the most internationally recognised certification for social responsibility.

As one of the largest privately owned manufacturers of hand sewing needles, knitting needles and accessories, snaps,  hooks and eyelets, pins, safety pins and other related products, Needle Industries (INDIA) Private Limited takes its social responsibility very seriously. Compliance with ethical, social and environmental obligations is given very high priority. SA 8000 is a controllable certification standard based on international workplace standards in accordance with the international ILO conventions (the conventions on human rights and child labour, among others), the UN Charter on Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


PONY product catalogue

product catalogue

PONY novelties and inspirations

Craft needles

Discover PONY's craft needles in a wide range of materials, thicknesses and colours. Depending on the application, great, individual creations are created with the finest handicraft. The needles are easy to grasp and handle, are comfortable and can be used without much effort.

Kits of crochet and knitting needles

Kits of knitting needles

Made of bamboo

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Crochet and knitting set


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Kits of knitting needles

made of rosewood

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PONY needles are made of steel and meet the highest quality requirements. Allergy sufferers have the opportunity to choose nickel-free needles. The exquisitely refined surface is smooth and extremely slidable, so that sewing or embroidery work can be done without any effort. The needles are available in various designs and sizes.

Sewing accessories

With its range of products, PONY offers a good basic equipment for sewing beginners. Many "Basics" are not only interesting for beginners, but are also for advanced creative people a good choice to expand their own sewing assortment and to have basic accessories always in their stock.