Brand Opti

Strong toothed variety

Opti zippers have stood for quality, innovation and satisfied customers for more than 100 years. The VENO assortment offers the right design, the right type, the right length and colour for every project - offering highest quality.

For over a century, Opti zippers have combined innovative technology and fashion trends. Opti zippers make life easier and their use makes accessories, home textiles, sports and leisure outfits much more comfortable.

Opti zippers from 1893 to 1984

Most fasteners used today (e.g. shoelaces, buttons and safety pins) have existed for thousands of years. The zipper was the invention of an American named Whitcomb Judson from Chicago in 1884. The model on the right from the year 1984 is 562% stronger than its predecessor made of iron.

Since 1936, Opti has been a synonym for the development of zippers, for strong zippers with an elegant design.


... and future

The combination of experience and modernity results in lighter and better zippers that make life easier. Today, a broad portfolio of zippers ensures that clothing, accessories and home deco are more comfortable, safer, stronger and trendier.

Advantages, types, designs, components

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Opti zipper in black

Opti zipper in black

  • OPTI standards are far above the DIN standard and thus clearly meet these standards
  • Broad spectrum with regard to types, colours and end users (e.g. bed linen, jeans and invisible))
  • Packaging: appealing design with colour segmentation according to type, end use, material specification and care instructions
  • S technology in spiral zippers
  • Start and end parts are ultrasonically welded
  • greater stability
  • prevents scratching
  • mainly processed in light materials

The Opti brand values


  • Top quality = strength and reliability
  • Inspiration
  • Proximity to the consumer: Being part of daily life in sports and fashion, Opti facilitates and improves it.


  • Market leader
  • Providing innovation and solutions
  • Marketing support
  • Profitable cooperation
  • Top quality = strength and reliability

All Fla-packed zippers from Opti

All SB-boxes from Opti

Sliders and accessories from Opti

S40 Zipper Fulda, Colored, Nickel Free

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S40 Zipper With Handle Drop Colored

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S40 Zipper Fulda, Silver Nickel Free

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P60 Zipper With Werra Handle, Silver

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P60 Zipper With Werra Handle, Colored

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S40 Linen Slide, Silver Nickel Free

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P60 Reverse Slide Silver Open-End

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At First- And End Parts, Silver Nickel Free

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Yard goods

Opti zippers are not only available ready-made, but also as yard goods. This option offers an economical way to customise the zipper for your project. However, it cannot be used to produce separable zippers. The package contains sliders that have been pulled up.


S40 On A Reel Zip Tape 10M

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S60 Reel Incl.10 Reared Fulda Zippers Colored

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S40 Reel Incl.30 Reared Fulda Zippers

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S40 Sold By The Meter 50M Opti 22860000

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S40 On A Reel 10M M 15 Bed Linen Slides

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