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In the seventies the crochet and knitting models made of Durable yarns were very popular. Potholders, bedspreads, bistro curtains and tablecloths were made of cotton yarn. The original quality yarn from the Netherlands is still used in many ways today and is now also available on the German market via VENO with many product innovations such as the Coral mini  or the Durable Soqs!


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Durable Continuing Colour Story

Over the years, the Durable collection has been continually expanded. At the beginning of 2017, the Durable assortment was multiplied with Cosy, Cosy Fine, Glam, Colourful, Chunky and Double Four and Coral's colour palette received many additional new shades. The logo and the banderoles were then redesigned and modernised. The quality of the yarns has remained unchanged for over 80 years

Choose Durable's fantastic quality yarns for your feeling of success.



Don't you know the Durable yarns yet? Knitting and crochet cotton yarns have always been recognisable by their elongated cylindrical shape, which used to be available only as unbleached yarns. 

Nowadays, there is a whole collection with different yarns. Durable Coral has become the most popular cotton yarn. Durable Cosy and Durable Cosy fine are very soft and can be perfectly combined with the Glam glazed yarn. 

Constantly in development: New yarns are developed and Durable always surprises all fans with new colours. And to provide inspiration, Durable has designed several projects for each yarn. Let us inspire you!



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KingKak Krone für Toilettenpapier

Durable "KingKak"

Trojanka Hat - Durable Chunky, Cosy und Glam

Durable Trojanka Hat

Bohumila Loop - Durable Chunky

Durable Chunky Bohumila

Temperature blanket -  Durable Coral Mini

Durable Coral Mini temperature blanket

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